Answers to Some Philosophical Questions:

What is the purpose of life and death?

Why is God invisible? (updated 8/27/2007)

Can a naturalistic view of evolution explain human cognition? (added 1/23/2011)

Naturalism versus Christianity (updated 7/17/2011)

Why should I believe in a Personal God? (updated 1/4/2000)

Why is there a conflict between special revelation and science?

Is biological evolution a scientific fact we shouldn't dispute? (updated 4/2/2008)

If everything that happens is under God's control rather than happening by chance, why does statistics work?

If God is both all-powerful and absolutely good, why does He allow evil? (updated 9/2/2004)

Why does God, who is both all-powerful and perfectly good, allow suffering?

Why does life seem unfair? (updated 10/17/2000)

How does Jesus' assurance of God's provision in Matthew 6:25-34 reconcile with Christians who suffer or even die for their faith? (added 11/5/2007)

Is truth relative or absolute?

Why are there so many Christian denominations? (updated 5/19/2000)

How does the brain produce volition (will), cognition (intellect), and emotions (feelings)? (added 1/29/2002)

Is sexual orientation inherited or learned? (updated 11/20/2002)

Can Socialism be compatible with Christianity? (added 3/10/2008)

Other subjects to be added later.

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